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Reducing data costs

Most organisations are prisoners of their past.  Strategic initiatives struggle to cross the swamp of legacy platforms and their implied data standards.  Often the firm has a “plan of record” that revolves around legacy systems’ replacement and removal.  These projects are quickly side-tracked by issues relating to data migration, data quality, purpose and usage; and the realisation that beyond the big systems there is a myriad of dependent user defined systems (spreadsheets etc).  Such projects run for years and rarely deliver.

DTSQUARED recommends

We understand this problem. At DTSQUARED we advocate taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Every enterprise needs a data dictionary – just one – and an architecture by which data is sourced and maintained. Using modern tools it is usually quicker and cheaper to migrate to common data standards, to link and cross-reference data with golden sources, than it is to replace legacy with what quickly becomes new legacy.

Proper data governance requires effort and paves the way to achieving the goals of reducing costs.