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Developing practical data strategies

When organisations tackle regulation, integration and migration on enterprise wide data they often fall into the trap of running several disparate projects leading to siloed processes.  This is usually a result of an ineffective unified data strategy within the CDO, and can waste vast amounts of money with competing projects trying to achieve the same result.  Worse still, the goal of proper control and data understanding becomes further from the reality.

DTSQUARED recommends

Our approach to breaking this cycle is to is to start by truly understanding at the current state of the data landscape, warts and all.  This involves identifying the systems that data is stored, looking at the existing data strategy, data governance, data architecture, data quality, data lineage and data usage.  By starting with this methodical approach it is possible to identify areas in which reductions can be made, aiming to eradicate end user developed applications, manual adjustment processes, terminal systems, and duplicate processes.

We view the unified data strategy as the key element to success and therefore we like to engage organisations holistically.  We help organise them into a controllable and measurable structure, with an emphasis on enabling them to become autonomous and increase efficiency.