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Complying with regulations: CCAR, BCBS, FRTB

Many organisations struggle with understanding where they are in relation to what is required and what has been achieved, versus what is planned and whether it fits into their unified data strategy.   With new regulations coming into play year on year gaining compliance should become a streamlined process, as almost all regulation will involve data in some way.  Unfortunately, money is often wasted through siloed approaches rather than taking a holistic view.

DTSQUARED recommends

Data Governance is the key to understanding regulatory impact as it addresses systems, processes, data, sharing agreements and quality.  This allows an organisation to assess the impact of regulation efficiently.

We can review your compliance against regulation, as well as review your processes to achieve compliance.  Doing both of these things adds value in the immediate and future terms, and does so by streamlining processes in line with the unified data strategy and building upon data governance.