The blockchain emperor has no clothes

My friend Stephen is a smart guy. He asked me to explain blockchain to a business networking event he runs. We’re confused, he said. Everyone says it’s important but…what does it mean, really? How does it work? Most of our members are embarrassed to ask.

Now I’ve been vaguely uncomfortable about blockchain for some time but never sat down to think about it – until now.

What is blockchain, anyway?

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Data Citizens ’18 – well worth the trip across the pond! #datacitizens18

This year our two founding partners, John Taylor and Toby Pearson, along with our newly qualified Rangers, Artur Balen and Arvind Nair, all headed for the Big Apple to Data Citizens 18 to celebrate Collibra’s 10th birthday. Here Artur gives an insightful overview of the conference and some key takeaways from the event….

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