26 Apr '21

Splash Day 2020

What is a Splash Community Project?

Splash Projects are an initiative which utilises team building exercises outside the everyday workplace to provide a long-lasting difference to local charities and communities. 

Here at DTSQUARED, we were excited to work with the Splash team, who partner with organisations to provide a specific charity matched to your company values. We felt that this offered an opportunity for our staff to really make a difference in the local community, while developing leadership and team rapport.


How have DTSQUARED supported Splash over recent years?

A number of DTSQUARED’s founding members had previously taken part in Splash projects in the past and experienced the benefit they deliver, so were eager to continue the relationship.

DTSQUARED took part in their first Splash Project over two years ago and the relationship between the two organisations has blossomed since then. In June 2019, all of DTSQUARED worked together to help build and paint a mobile wheel-away playground for the children of the Sacred Heart School in Islington. Of course, the day was a great success, and it was only right for this to continue! With the DTSQUARED team completing this, our second Splash Project and with a third project in the pipeline for this week (Covid-19 safe of course) it is clear that DTSQUARED’s support for Splash Community Projects will continue long into the future. All of those at DTSQUARED would highly recommend any organisation to work alongside Splash.

The Big Day

DTSQUARED’s second Splash Project would take place at St Paul’s primary school in Whitechapel (East London). The school is key for the development of the young children but unfortunately the playground had previously been closed off by inspectors and with a significant drainage issue. This meant that the 55 three-to-five-year old’s of St Paul’s primary school had no access to a playground, with many living in nearby high-rise flats offering no outdoor space.

With Lockdown 2.0 imminent, the DTSQUARED and Splash team questioned whether the project could even go ahead. However, following discussions “our conclusion was that with a lockdown it is more essential than ever” said Alastair Brown, Executive Chairman at DTSQUARED. “Many of the children at St. Paul’s Whitechapel don’t have gardens and outside space at home. Getting this playground back in action in time for the second lockdown is a very special contribution.” 

To ensure the project followed government guidelines, all activities were conducted outdoors, hand sanitising stations were set-up around the site, and team members wore masks, gloves and maintained social distancing where possible*. Now with the project suitably adapted to accommodate Covid-19, the DTSQUARED and Splash team got to work!

Having been given a safety debrief, the DTSQUARED team was split into two groups and presented with plans for various structures, including a castle, pirate ship, turrets and of course, a wobbly bridge. Fueled on hot coffee and a wide assortment of biscuits (thank you Mel) the team sawed and hammered their way through the day. As the primary school children ran outside for their lunch break, the excitement on their faces was undisguisable as they witnessed the development of their new playground. Observing those faces really encapsulated the purpose of this project and certainly ensured that all members of the DTSQUARED team felt as though they were making a difference. 

As our time limit neared, the whole DTSQUARED team came together to ensure the project got over the line and to reflect on what we had achieved in the day. A lovely moment considering it was the first time we had seen each other in the flesh for approximately 8 months. Looking behind us we could see the playground we had built and comparing this to the closed off area that existed before was a clear visual representation of the DTSQUARED team’s achievement that day. However, the more resonating accomplishment is knowing we created a play area that will place a smile on both the current and future pupils of St Paul’s primary school in Whitechapel, especially as Lockdown 2.0 beckoned.

Given the current unparalleled circumstances, I would like to thank all of those at both Splash and DTSQUARED for their efforts in making this day happen. Bring on the next one, which we hope will happen in the summer of this year!

*It should also be noted that all educational establishments remained open during lockdown and additionally, the project consisted of both volunteering and construction which held a special exemption from lockdown rules at the time.

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