Why Snowflake?

When Snowflake launched, its founders set out to build a platform that would allow their customers to fully harness the power of the cloud. Today, the innovative Snowflake Data Cloud offers companies the ability to store, organise, share and analyse vast quantities of data.  Clients migrating from other data platforms to Snowflake can run all their data workloads on a single platform, access its unique features and expect to enjoy a financial payback on their investment within months. 

Whether starting out on your cloud journey or choosing to migrate to Snowflake from another platform, our partnership with Snowflake and knowledge of the Snowflake Data Cloud will give you the expertise that your company needs in order to utilise the power of data within the cloud.

DTSQUARED Capabilities

Maturity Assessment and Snowflake PoC

Your enterprise data platform must meet both your business needs and your budget. At DTSQUARED our team will analyse your current data platform and show how a modern alternative like Snowflake could deliver a solution that is both better and more cost-effective. We can deliver a PoC (Proof of Concept) to demonstrate this.

Snowflake Migration

It is relatively rare to be given the opportunity to deliver a brand-new enterprise data platform and more likely that you already have a legacy platform to migrate. This is where DTSQUARED’s expertise proves invaluable, our team is experienced in delivering migrations and converting legacy code and database objects from a variety of legacy platforms.

Snowflake Data Integration

Gathering data from many different source systems and integrating it into the Snowflake Data Cloud may be the largest piece of work in the delivery of a data platform. At DTSQUARED, our team is experienced in working with many third-party vendors and applications and can advise you on which will be the most appropriate to deliver a seamless data integration for your organisation. DTSQUARED also offers a bespoke transformation framework that ensures your data transformation runs entirely within Snowflake without the need to introduce another vendor product.

Snowflake Optimisation

Snowflake incorporates a sophisticated and automatic query optimisation capability that is available to all users, however, compute costs are material and well written code is always more optimal than automatically optimised poor code.  Our skilled data engineers at DTSQUARED can analyse your Snowflake usage and advise you on options to reduce your compute usage and therefore reduce your overall costs.

Snowflake BVA (Business Value Assessment)

Snowflake typically run the BVA process with existing customers to identify additional data migration use cases that will ultimately save the customer money.  DTSQUARED were the first consultancy to undertake a joint BVA with Snowflake identifying and costing out use cases that, when realised, will save the customer a significant sum and enhance their data management capabilities. 


We are committed to adding value to our clients use of Snowflake and our team has developed a variety of bespoke tooling in this regard under our ‘Gondola’ brand.  For example, Gondola includes a lightweight data transformation framework that can potentially eliminate the need for a dedicated ETL vendor.  Our framework leverages Snowflake stored procedures to centralise business logic within your data platform and includes support for standard data warehouse constructs like SCD Type 2; all activity undertaken is logged and fully auditable.

Team and Certifications

We have built a team of highly experienced engineers to help our clients take full advantage of all that Snowflake offers. Our team has many years of experience in data warehousing. They have all achieved SnowPro Core certification and many also have SnowPro Advanced (Architect and/or Data Engineer) certifications.  Snowflake recognises our skills in the design, development, and implementation of Snowflake solutions certifying us as a Select Services Partner. 

We are also skilled in a large and growing number of complementary products from other vendors in regards to ELT (Extract, Load, Transform), BI (Business Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

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