08 Sep '21

Real Estate Roundtable – 5 October, 13:00-14:00 GMT

Given that the vast majority of companies and individuals interact with the Real Estate industry in some way, the data it holds is extensive, expansive and, a lot of the time, personal. As such, the subject of Data Ethics is an extremely important one for Real Estate.

Whilst the challenges are many, a focus on ethics can bring valuable business opportunities and enhance trust amongst their customers. 

By considering Data Ethics today, firms can ensure that they stay ahead of the curve and help set the agenda as leaders in the area.

Are you fully harnessing the Power of Data in Real Estate? 

Join our webinar on 5 October to find out and explore the key factors you need to consider.

Real Estate Roundtable – 5 October, 13:00-14:00 GMT

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