Case Study

Building a brand new platform for a top global bank

Our Client, a top global bank, wanted to initiate a brand new Data Governance platform that aligned to their wider Data Strategy, replacing their current and limited system. This involved many aspects including undertaking retrospective data discovery, creating and implementing an enterprise-wide Data Dictionary and Operating Model alongside seamlessly migrating their data from existing platforms into a newly created solution that would help them manage their data in a fully optimised, compliant way.



Our Client wanted to initiate a Data Governance platform aligned to their Data Strategy, replacing their current (and limited) Data Lake. We helped them achieve this by:

  1. Creating and implementing an enterprise-wide Data Dictionary and Operating Model
  2. Undertaking retrospective Data Lake discovery & implementing a new Governance Operating Model.
  3. Seamlessly migrating their Business Glossary & Register of Authorised Sources from existing Platforms.


In order to build and deliver a solution that served the client’s requirements, we took a three stage approach:

  1. We created a migration strategy and built a Target Operating Model for the new Governance Platform.
  2. We extended the Data Governance Platform to accommodate the new enterprise-wide Data Dictionary Model.
  3. We implemented new Data Lake governance in Collibra.


A new Data Lake was implemented with a full governance model and data traceability built in Collibra. An Enterprise Data Dictionary and new Data Requirements operating model was also embedded across the organisation.

We delivered tangible results that aligned with the overarching business objectives and gained strong business engagement and executive sponsorship.

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