25 Jan '21

Meet the Team – Tony Oldfield

Hello, My name is Tony Oldfield and I am a Business Data Analyst working under the Project Services team here at DTSQUARED. This allows me to work closely with clients such as Ford Credit and HSBC on projects that require deep dive analysis and strong communication skills helping us to realise the critical issues our clients may be facing, the impact felt and the benefits that could be realised by providing a solution.

With over 20 years’ experience in and around the financial banking industry, I had seen first-hand how the value of data has grown and continues to grow exponentially.

There was a common theme in businesses in understanding the importance of data, but not fully realising the need for managing and maintaining it, nor the foresight to fully recognise the growing opportunities to generate greater value from data.

This sentiment lead me to the belief that companies who focus on consistently learning new and intuitive ways to best work with data, were a key stepping stone in my own career development and when the opportunity arose to join DTSQUARED, it was too good to refuse.

This is not the only reason I joined DTSQUARED, but I feel it is an important factor to reiterate the value that this company is producing not just to its clients, but to the employees as well.

How I can best explain this is to recall back to one of the first leadership updates, where the Co-Founder & CEO, Toby Pearson, stated internally to the company that the employees of DTSQUARED are the true value of this company. He referred to our ways of thinking, our ways of working and our attitude as what sets us apart from other companies, and what would drive us to future successes.

As the world advances in multiple facets such as technology and new creative concepts of how to derive value from consumers, so does the need for us to manage data that is integral to these advances. I agree wholeheartedly with the company that you cannot just focus on excellence in how you perform your role, but also how you look forward and take initiative to stay ahead of what is a constantly evolving sector.

Since joining DTSQUARED in the Summer of 2019, the company has constantly pushed me into new and compelling projects, but at the same time, kept me fully aware of what potential myself and all my colleagues can provide to the company, a potential in that we can make a difference in every area of the business and not just our immediate assignments. Can our own internal processes evolve and advance?

What are the up and coming technologies that benefit ourselves or our clients? What are new ways of working that improve transparency and how can you deliver new or more value? My personal viewpoint is that we will see the value of data only ever increasing as new ways of using it arise and as the general public start to better understand just how valuable their data, we may see certain negative responses to how some data is currently handled by businesses.

What that might be, I don’t yet know, but this culture of questioning, challenging and evolving is what keeps me excited and engaged in my role every day and I am greatly looking forward to see what 2021 holds not just for my own personal development, but for the company also. Watch this space!

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