Tom Shipley
02 Feb '21

Meet the Team – Tom Shipley

Hi everyone, my name is Tom and I am a Project Services Consultant at DTSQUARED. Having begun my career somewhat unconventionally in the start-up world of Colombia, where I worked in operations, connecting small health food producers with larger retailers, I subsequently moved back to the motherland where I joined a global vehicle financing organization. During the years preceding my arrival at DTSQUARED in February 2020, I held a variety of positions ranging from credit risk operations to data strategy, which has given me a comprehensive overview of the financial services industry.

My ‘data journey’ began as a business analyst within the data management team of a global bank based in London, during which time I managed and implemented company-wide reporting rationalization projects and launched real-time interactive reporting solutions to the wider business.

I joined the Project Services team at DTSQUARED in early 2020 as a Business Data Analyst, where I am responsible for developing and embedding new business processes with clients to improve use case analysis and prioritization. Being front of house for the analysis of new engagements with the business also presents an educational opportunity around ‘the power of data’, with the view to instil cultural change; something I find particularly rewarding. 

Having experienced both operations and data management functions, I understand the common frustrations of both parties and work to bridge the technical/business divide that seems to be a common issue across the majority of organisations.  

Whilst the bulk of my day-to-day workload centres on delivering value to clients directly, there’s no shortage of additional opportunities to be part of DTSQUARED’s impressive growth ambitions. To name just a few, since joining I have co-authored RFP applications to new clients, supported the expansion of the company into the real-estate sector, and am working to introduce a new client offering in the data ethics space. What this highlights I suppose is a strong culture of employee trust and professional freedom to put your stamp on projects which you would unlikely be privy to in larger organisations. 

What’s impressive about DTSQUARED is how we combine the wealth of experience in the company with ambition, to continually expand into new sectors, becoming thought leaders in these spaces, and ultimately compete with consultancies many times our size. Our strength is very much in the collective experience.

Building on the point of experience, to ensure we deliver the best possible results to clients, the company recognises the value of having highly trained employees at all levels of the business, whether that be gaining accreditation with our software partners, staying up to date with the latest best practises from the EDM Council, or becoming certified in industry recognised project management methodologies.

Whilst the professional side of a job is clearly important, the approach a company has to the lives of its employees outside of a work setting was an important deciding factor for me when joining DTSQUARED. Whether that means pre-COVID socials, working together to build a children’s playground, or allowing me to take time out to pursue a dream of cycling across the USA; DTSQUARED is ran by people who care.

With the exponential growth in data volumes and continuous evolution of powerful tools such as AI and machine learning, the world of Data Management is a stimulating place to be. Combine this with the big ambitions of DTSQUARED, and knowledge to match, 2021 is going to be exciting!  Watch out, here we come!

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