29 Jul '22

Meet the Team – Steve Hillan

My name is Steve and I recently joined the data engineering team at DTSQUARED.

I live in London but am originally from Ireland; I grew up in Dublin and stayed there to study at University College Dublin, where I got a degree in Computer Science. After graduating I decided to spread my wings and travel to Australia, where I lived and worked in Sydney for a year and had the time of my life!

When I returned home, I started working as a database developer for a company that built access control systems (i.e. things like smart card readers) for a range of clients including some large manufacturing plants, the major airports in Ireland, and the Houses of Parliament in London. I was one of a small team who maintained the software, which involved lots of work on reporting and configurability. I learnt a lot at this company and went on to work for two other SMEs doing a similar type of role.

After that – just over ten years ago – I made the move to London, which was an easy decision for me. It wasn’t a career move as such, but I had a lot of friends there and wanted to try out living in a new city. I got a job as a data analyst for one of the Big 4 consulting firms, where I worked in the forensics department on fraud detection and prevention and ongoing compliance monitoring. One of the most interesting projects I worked on was for a large pharmaceuticals company, which involved building a tool for analysing vast amounts of data from a lot of different countries. We essentially created a series of dashboards and alerts across the organisation to help flag potential instances of fraud, or any patterns of behaviour that warranted further investigation. I also helped build a trader surveillance tool for a large investment bank to highlight suspicious activity within foreign exchange trades. I very much enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of these projects and being able to create tools that provide tangible value for businesses.

During this time I also met my wife in London, where we now live with our daughter. I took a year off work during the pandemic to spend some valuable time with them and am now very excited to be starting my new role at DTSQUARED. I’m enjoying getting to know the team and learning more about one of our partners, Snowflake. I think they have a fantastic forward-thinking technology and I look forward to using it in some projects. I’m also very happy to be part of such a rapidly growing company and look forward to the opportunities that being part of ProjectiveGroup will bring.

Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar, which I have done for years, and am always on the lookout for new ones to buy or trade! I like going to gigs whenever I can too, even if it is a small jazz band at a local pub.

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