04 Jan '21

Meet the Team – Sean Russell

Hello everyone, I am a Senior Data Governance Consultant at DTSQUARED and have years of experience working in data management roles, helping organisations establish and grow their data management programmes. 

After getting married and moving to London, I met with several firms looking for data management expertise within their organisation. I chose DTSQUARED because they had a level of experience, professionalism and delivery focus that put them a cut above the rest. It has been over a year now and I’ve never looked back. 

At DTSQUARED today, I am involved in everything from managing data management programme implementations and advising on the setup of global data governance teams, to building roadmaps for companies who want to take their data management forward into a bright future. 

I started out in data management in Los Angeles and New York, working for some of the largest global banks, helping them build up data governance and broader data management capabilities to meet the regulatory requirements of data regulations such as GDPR and BCBS 239. 

This experience serves me well in DTSQUARED, as businesses shift from data management as a means to meet regulatory requirements toward data management as a means to capitalize on their data and enhance their performance. 

Coming from the financial services sector, I know the type of financial strain that support and technology teams can put on a business if not strategically aligned. Because of this, I put a business focus on Data Management, identifying detailed business requirements and ensuring that the business remains firmly in the drivers’ seat throughout the design and implementation of a Data Management Programme.

Working at DTSQUARED takes my experience and capabilities to the next level, enabling me to apply my skills to a variety of new challenges in industries ranging from financial and insurance to utilities and housing. 

As members of the EDM Council and strategic partners with the industry leaders in data technologies, DTSQUARED provides me with access to the latest in industry studies, certifications, training, and standards. These tools combined with the opportunity to work in a variety of industries means every day is a different challenge and a chance for growth. 

Of course, the best part of working at DT² is interacting with an array of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines. No one is “bigger than the game” at DTSQUARED and that means we all get the benefit of each other’s experience. Everyone from the newest hire to the CEO and Founder are ready to jump in and help. 

We work well together, whether we are building a business insights report to operate for an insurance company, designing and implementing a global data management framework for a top automotive company, or building a play area for school children in one of our many charity events. 

Data management is about building up a grounding in expertise while having the agility to meet new requirements quickly and capably. It’s great to work for a company that, not only exemplifies this ideal, but also helps others build it into their bright data management future.

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