18 Jan '21

Meet the Team – Mike Reay

I’m Mike. I joined DTSQUARED in the summer of 2020 in the middle of the COVID pandemic. While most industries were trying to adapt to the situation and everyone was working from home, the world of data and particularly cloud computing seemed to be booming. The idea of joining a consultancy and contributing to the creation of the cloud computing practice was an exciting opportunity! 

Before joining DTSQUARED I’d spent 3 years working with Snowflake and AWS at a large business to business travel technology company based in Mallorca (although unfortunately I was stationed in the small London office!). For the 15 years prior to that I’d built on my MSc in Computer Science designing and building Oracle database systems in industries as varied as Investment Banking and Higher Education.

At DTSQUARED I work in the technical team specialising in Snowflake Data Cloud and Cloud Data Warehousing. We are a small but rapidly expanding team offering advice and services to clients implementing Snowflake on GCP, AWS or Azure. In August I helped win my first client, a large Investment Bank in London, and started working with the client to help put in place a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline to support future development as they migrate their data warehouses from Microsoft SQL Server to Snowflake on Azure. The project involved evaluating the available products and after discovering there is an absence of tools on the market, we are developing custom in-house solutions in Python. We have just had our statement of work extended by another six months.

Outside of client work I have been able to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry, attending (virtually this year) Snowflake’s and other software vendors conferences and summits. I have had the space to research products in the Snowflake eco system and make recommendations for potential partners and up and coming new products that could benefit our clients. DTSQUARED are also very supportive of career and professional progression. Within in a few months of joining and only within a couple of months after its release, I had passed the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Architect certification. Next year my focus will be GCP.

As our team has expanded we have gained members of varying experience; graduates, experienced professionals from other data related disciplines and Snowflake experts. A rewarding part of my role has been to mentor less experienced members of the team in Snowflake and it’s related technologies, both on client work and with their professional SnowPro certifications.

Having spent most of my professional life working for large organisations, the experience of working in a smaller company where my thoughts and contributions are valued and make a difference has been what I have enjoyed most at DTSQUARED. My role is diverse and has involved me in opportunities that I haven’t had at larger organisations, from contributing to RFPs and technical sales to expanding the team and suggesting technologies that could shape the future direction of the team. Snowflake has been the primary focus for DTSQUARED in the expansion of cloud data services. Being integral to DTSQUARED winning our first Snowflake clients and climbing the Snowflake partnership tiers has been extremely rewarding. With more clients in the pipeline, internal development and an expanding team, 2021 looks to be even better.

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