16 Feb '21

Meet the Team – Jodi Pearson

Hi, my name is Jodi Pearson and I am the Back Office Manager at DTSQUARED.  A unique role to be honest, which has evolved rather organically with the company.  

My background as a freelance French translator and then a sole trader while my son was small meant that I was involved part-time at the beginning of the company’s development, paying salaries from a laptop in bed to my current role beavering away full time in the background alongside our CAO Melanie Jenner. 

The interesting thing about working in a growing but small’ish company is one gets involved in all sorts of varied projects.  I have responsibilities in HR which can range from monitoring essential documentation for our staff to writing company policy.  As well as working alongside our accountant in supplier invoicing and being responsible for staff screening, I also organise company events.  We are (usually!) a very sociable company and so our get togethers are fun and frequent! 

This has recently had to exist in the virtual world of course, so our staff have taken part in regular quizzes, photo competitions and activities on our DTSQUARED weekly catch-up Friday call.  Our Christmas party had to be an online affair last year, but with some creative thinking we hosted a virtual escape room which went down really well with the team. I also managed to incorporate a charitable element as part of the Christmas fun, where each team were winning prizes for local foodbanks. This was important to me and reflects our culture at DTSQUARED to give back to the community when we can.

My alter-ego is the DTSQUARED ‘Fun Fairy’ – a term attributed to me by the team some time ago which stuck…  Part of her remit is organising the ‘Directors’ Choice Quarterly Wine Deliveries’ to all staff to thank them for their hard work throughout that quarter.  As we’ve grown, this has developed into quite the task but particularly during the past year, but it is something we have all looked forward to!

Lockdown has been a testing time for us all.  We have been working from home as a company since March of last year and this has affected us in subtly different ways.  Our senior management team wanted to ensure every one of our employees still felt part of the DTSQUARED family despite not being able to meet at the office every day and this led to another of my responsibilities emerging, as the idea of the ‘DTSQUARED Care Package’ was floated. 

Every few weeks everyone received a box of goodies delivered to their homes to help reconnect and raise a smile. This included things like delicious treats, branded hoodies, houseplants, charity donations and of course, would it be a Covid care package without a toilet roll? We hope to be able to get together soon but when we do my local DPD delivery guys will miss me!  We’re on first name terms!

Whatever the future holds for DTSQUARED, I know that our fundamental belief in hard work fairly rewarded with loyalty and support at every level will continue to attract the best and the brightest people to our team in this rapidly growing world of Data.

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