18 Jul '22

Meet the Team – Georgina Sipière

Hi, my name is Georgina and I joined DTSQUARED in September 2021 as a Graduate Sales Executive.

Growing up, my mum was always my role model. She has had a successful career in the fintech sector, working with global firms and travelling all over the world to meet clients, and I wanted to be just like her. She encouraged me to be ambitious, hardworking, and always true to myself, and she still inspires me today.

In terms of my education, I graduated from the University of Bath in 2021 with a degree in Social Sciences. During my studies I also completed three internships, the first of which was at a commodities trading software company where I worked with the HR, data science, and law teams. The second was at Paysafe, a global payments company, and this time I focused just on law, specifically GDPR and where it needed to be applied within the organisation. My final internship was with a company who specialised in geospatial navigation monitoring where I got involved with data analysis and data trends, as well as gaining some experience with their sales team.

After finishing my studies, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the world of banking and data and also knew that I definitely wanted to work in a people-facing role. When I discovered the DTSQUARED graduate scheme, it therefore seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.

I really enjoyed our graduate training programme because we were able to meet and learn from a variety of different people within the company, all of whom are experts in their field. Throughout the three months, we covered a wide range of topics within the data management domain and developed important skills that we could then apply in real scenarios. We got a lot of guidance and support, but also had the opportunity to decide which areas we wanted to focus on and get involved with meaningful projects from the start. Having joined with ten other graduates, the social aspect of the programme was also a real highlight for me, as I am now lucky to call some of them my best friends!

Now that the training is complete, I am working on account-based sales for some of the company’s key accounts, working closely with managers to build out client portfolios using different tools and systems. I like that I am able to utilise my data and analytics skills whilst also developing relationships with key stakeholders. Now that DTSQUARED is part of ProjectiveGroup, there are even more people to interact and collaborate with, which I am enjoying taking advantage of. We recently all got together in Rotterdam for a group offsite and it was amazing to meet so many new faces.

Outside of work I enjoy running and playing piano, and I have just started playing tennis. I am also an avid skier; I started when I was very young and absolutely love it!

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