27 May '21

Meet The Team: Gary Rush

I joined DTSQUARED from NatWest towards the end of 2020, after spending most of my working life there, which is a career spanning around 34 years so far. I have been fortunate enough to work across the Globe, living in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan for a few years. I also worked closely with our US, European and India locations. Setting up teams in India was an amazing experience, it became like a second home to me. Each experience taught me such a lot about myself, earning the respect of others and allowing me to build a diverse network across the globe. I mention this because almost everything we do in life involves people and without good people you are unlikely to reach happiness or success. DTSQUARED has been nothing but welcoming to me, everyone wants to help each other both in their work and socially too. It’s the little touches of weekly shout outs, getting together, competitions and caring for each other to provide that sense of enjoyment beyond just our day-to-day roles and this is something that really appealed to me.

I share a passion for technology and good health of all kinds with an analytical, thoughtful and logical mindset. I started out working within a Finance function and one of my earliest memories was reviewing mainframe paper-based reports, after obtaining a computer, I started to automate functions and from there started working in the RBS Corporate Bank as a systems analyst. My passion is to help people, solve issues, deliver opportunities and never get phased by a political or cultural landscape. I soon moved into project roles, including as a technology manager, programme manager and then at the CIO leadership table. Throughout this period, I worked across back office, finance, trading, sales, infrastructure and digital roles across all geographies of the many banks RBS / NatWest had under their remit over the years. The DTSQUARED team has a wealth of experience and we are all united by our passion for data. We take this understanding and expertise to our clients, utilising our first-hand knowledge to develop initiatives that solve complex problems.

Finally, I’ve been lucky enough to get some time to reflect on both my career and life, reviewing what’s important to me. I look at positive behaviour as a way to make good progress, never looking to tolerate poor behaviour and seeking productive engagement to resolve conflict.  Whilst this is something difficult I’ve tried to incorporate into my working life, I’m also seeing how this benefits my other roles as a girls’ football trustee and secretary at Athenlay and as a non-executive director at OpenDataSavesLives.

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