26 Apr '21

Meet The Team: Fizlar Neysham

Hello World! I am Fizlar, a senior Snowflake data engineer at DTSQUARED and have over 15 years’ experience of working with data and helping organisations understand the importance of data. Businesses have never had so much data to handle from so many different sources. Although this can be extremely useful, without proper management, data can become siloed and disconnected. Using my experience, I help ensure that our client’s data is unified and accessible for insight, analytics, and reporting.

I decided to join DTSQUARED because I wanted to join a company where there was a strong culture of innovation and I could really make a difference. I am happy to say that as of yet I have not been disappointed. Since starting earlier this year (January 2020) I have already been involved in helping build out a tool in support of DataOps on Snowflake, as well as ETL, ELT and CDP vendor evaluations and teaming up with the Snowflake Professional Services team to carry out a Business Value Assessment (BVA) for a large Bank. I have also been certified as SnoPro Advanced Architect which I am really proud of. It has been a whirlwind start and I have enjoyed every minute of my journey.

My experience has always been anything to do with data and how to maximise value using the correct technology stack and driving value from it.  Having previously worked for a digital marketing company, my focus is all about understanding pain points, challenges and helping clients deliver data-driven programmes that are highly personalised, dynamic, automated and run across multiple digital and offline channels. I believe in having a true partnership, where working together to understand the detailed requirements enable me to make recommendations based on best practice capabilities.

Working within the DTSQUARED Snowflake team I can already see how knowledgeable the team is and with my background, I am looking to see where I can help with Snowflake implementations. The Snowflake team is a mix of graduates and senior personnel where there is a genuine shared goal of helping each other and getting things complete and done properly. Everyone is keen to help and the thirst for knowledge is abundantly clear as soon as you walk through the door. 

The Snowflake team is not just obsessed by Snowflake, although we really think it is a cool technology. We really believe in the DataOps methodology as we understand that in today’s technology driven world, speed, agility and time to market are the keys to unlocking the full potential of data to give clients that competitive edge. I think that is awesome and I am excited for what is to come!

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