04 Dec '20

Meet the Team – Consultant Suni Minhas

I joined DTSQUARED straight from completing a Maths and Physics degree at Durham University. The thought of transitioning from the theoretical world of bosons and quarks to the much more real commercial world seemed terrifying. However, years after that decision I could not be more excited about the world of data! 

When I began my ‘data journey’ I was given the opportunity to build my skills with products in the data landscape, including Snowflake, Collibra and Axon. I was also able to develop on my already established programming skills in Python and SQL. Being able to work directly alongside industry experts in these fields meant my learning curve was exponential. Working with people who have made a genuine impact to the industry is the best way to engage with new products as a graduate. This is something that is often missed by larger companies with a hierarchical structure; DTSQUARED’s friendly and relaxed atmosphere meant I could always pull on experienced specialists if I was struggling with something new.

This quick upscale of skills meant I was able to make a genuine impact to the industry within my first year. This was perpetuated by the chance to engage with clients early on. One of my first assignments was a Data Quality project with a financial institution based in the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to be flown to the Netherlands to engage with the client face to face. It was an amazing opportunity and enabled me to learn a lot about building client relationships and trust. This is another example of a graduate opportunity that would not have been possible in a larger organisation. Now at around 70 people, the size of DTSQUARED has meant I always feel my work and contributions make a difference and are part of the bigger picture. 

An example of this is where I have been able to progress some of my ideas and lead successful project streams on them, which has been an incredible opportunity for my development. This is particularly evident when I found new methods to automate processes within a London based financial organisation. I was able to run with these ideas and implement them successfully into the day-to-day process of the company, not only saving them time but also making the process produce better, more quality results. I was really happy to see DTSQUARED support my ideas and help me progress my skills forward, even at an early stage in my career.

Most recently I have been involved in the Snowflake product offering which is a key focus for the company. For those unfamiliar, Snowflake is an incredibly exciting cloud-based data warehousing platform. The company very recently became the largest US IPO of any software company, beating both Microsoft and Facebook. I am really enthusiastic about DTSQUARED’s partnership with Snowflake and I became the only graduate to pass the SnowPro Core Certification exam back in August. DTSQUARED were very supportive of me progressing my career by taking the time to study for the professional qualification. I have also been able to utilise my skills in Python to make a real difference to the Snowflake release process. I have been developing and testing an application to automate the differences between a Snowflake production and development environment, for a global client. Seeing your skills utilised to make a genuine impact is one of the most exciting things about working within the world of data. I am very much looking forward to the expansion of the Snowflake team within the upcoming months!

Penultimately, I wanted to emphasise one of my favourite sides of DTSQUARED; the social side! From pre-Covid bowling events to ping-pong socials there is always something going on. Everyone is relaxed and friendly so no matter your personality or interests, it is easy to fit in! Before Covid, we were based in a co-working space with many other start-ups, so networking with people from all walks of life was as easy as making a cup of tea.  Although Covid has made a huge impact to everyone’s work schedule- the company has still made the effort to have weekly company catchups, games and quizzes. This has meant you still feel connected to new joiners as well as old friends. 

DTSQUARED are also very supportive of your interests outside of your day job. I am a big advocate of bridging the diversity gap within STEM industries and I have recently started tutoring a student from an underprivileged background, which has been incredibly rewarding so far. This is something I am passionate about and am trying to get more involved with, in order to utilise my learnings for the data industry. I am currently working on developing some content and creating a community to help bring about positive change within the world of data, so watch this space!

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