08 Jul '21

Meet the Team: Anna Back

Hi everyone! My name is Anna, and I joined the company as part of the graduate scheme in 2020 as a qualified nurse. Yes, you read that correctly. During my degree I became naturally drawn to the world of data after obtaining a research-based role at Kingston University, where I conducted research addressing the use of digital media in university settings. I later developed an online ‘Student Nurse Hub’ to support both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students in theoretical and practical studies based on the study conducted.

After completing my degree in 2019 I started exploring the many diverse options and career paths involving data. There are many – data is broad… As a result, I started my conversion master’s in computer science with Data Analytics, which nicely goes hand in hand with my work at DTSQUARED with modules such as Advanced Programming, Software Engineering and Big Data Analytics. I am due to start my master’s thesis in September 2021 which I will hand in early 2022. Exciting!

What I am doing at DTSQUARED

My current (and first!) client work at DTSQUARED consists of developing a service catalogue that captures all costs of services and applications in the client organisation’s technology department. The aim is to create and maintain visibility into the resources and costs of services and departments and will eventually highlight areas where there are options for cost savings. Something I really enjoy is finding ways to make the tool more user friendly in ways of simplifying and automating the tool and the processes required to maintain the service catalogue. Alongside all of this, we (our two-man team) are busy creating an operating model so that one day we can step back and let the client manage the tool on their own going forward.

Additionally, in DTSQUARED, there are always a lot of internal initiatives going on. Related to the above, we are developing a similar service catalogue/cost allocation toolset that would allow us to start offering the same service to other clients. Furthermore, after our recent intake of graduates this month, I have been spending some time with one of them to guide and support during what can be some very overwhelming first weeks. It is an effective way to both reflect on the journey I have made since I started as a graduate 10 months ago, but also to reflect on how I want to manage and/or mentor people as I progress in my career.

What I like about DTSQUARED

DTSQUARED took a chance on me when they offered me to start on their graduate scheme as someone with limited industry knowledge. I have come to learn that that was a great reflection on DTSQUARED and their work environment and support style. They encourage continuous development, and it is clear to see that people have different interests and expertise which is something I value highly. 

As an example, during my graduate training I conducted research and published a white paper on effective AML compliance by utilizing data governance, as well as wrote a blog on Chapter 3 on GDPR (read here). The culture of pursuing personal interests within the data field is a fantastic way to keep the job fun and inspiring. 

DTSQUARED is a lot more than just work though. There are always things going on such as personal fundraisers through activity and sports or companywide voluntary work like building playgrounds with Splash. We are also currently having a companywide sweepstake related to the European Championship in Football, where the winner will choose a charity to donate the winning earnings to. All of this is a terrific way engage with each other socially and it is always fun to see each other’s competitive spirits.

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