24 Nov '20

Meet the Team – 2020 graduate Emily Howarth

Hi! My name is Emily and I have recently started as a Graduate Consultant here at DTSQUARED. Last  year I graduated from Loughborough University where I studied Computing and Management. Following a stressful final year, I decided to take a gap year, where I completed a summer internship  and a ski season in France. Due to the pandemic, I found myself back home in March and decided it  was time to start applying for jobs in the ‘real world’. I feel extremely lucky to have been offered a  place on the graduate scheme at DTSQUARED, especially seeing as I was applying at a time where a lot  of people were losing jobs because of the pandemic.  

This September I started my new position, alongside five other graduates- Anna, Charlie, Rob, Sam  and Sophie. I can’t say that I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous before my first day, but as I arrived, I  was met by smiles and made to feel extremely welcome. 

I’d like to share my experience so far in my new role and give an insight into life at DTSQUARED, and  any useful tips to anyone thinking about applying to the Graduate Scheme in the future.  


Joining the Graduate Scheme at DTSQUARED is a great opportunity and I have found it to be a very  nice transition from University into the workplace. The company invests an incredible amount of  time training you at the beginning of your consulting career, so this is a great way to both learn  about the industry and also gives you chance to get to know you colleagues before starting work  with a client.  

• Rotations across the 3 pillars 

o For many people, when you join a company you are in a set role where you may not  fully understand what the job actually entails. This is what I found to be great about  DTSQUARED, you are able to rotate across the three main pillars within the  

company: Project Services, Technical Services & Data Advisory. Through this you  gain hands on experience and it gives you the opportunity to figure out what you  enjoy and where your skills will be most utilised. 

• Modules delivered by SMEs 

o Alongside the rotation, myself and the other graduates have had modules delivered  to us from SME’s across the company covering a wide range of topics. These are  aimed at preparing us before starting on a project, and enabling us to develop our  knowledge. It refreshed my memory on old concepts such as project management  techniques but also introduced new information that I hadn’t encountered at  University, such as essential consultancy skills or the data management framework.  Before you know it, you have a breadth of knowledge that gives you confidence for  going into any new project.

• White paper  

o As part of the 12-week training program, I was also asked to write a White Paper on  a topic of my choice that I find interesting. Similarly to writing a dissertation at  University, it involves researching around the subject and reporting on your findings.  I have found this very enjoyable, as I was able to deepen my knowledge around my  chosen subject and speaking to different people about my research has presented  the opportunity to get involved in a new project at DTSQUARED.  

• Online Training 

o Additionally, I have already been certified and trained on the software tools that  DTSQUARED implement for clients. Its beneficial to have these qualifications before  working with a client, as it ensures you are knowledgeable about the different tools  available and how they can help to provide a solution.  


I knew I wanted to work for a company that was on the forefront within the technology industry,  which is exactly what DTSQUARED is, along with being a rapidly growing and ambitious company.  The culture drives you to always learn and improve in every aspect. DTSQUARED prides itself on  having employees that are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. Since the beginning,  everyone is always willing to help and book in a meeting to chat or teach something that you don’t  understand.  

Although I joined DTSQAURED at these very unprecedented times and have not been able to meet  everyone in a normal office environment, I have still been made to feel very welcome and part of the  team. Where possible, the training has been delivered in person and afterwards, it was not unusual  to go for drinks (maybe one too many!) in true London style. There’s not many company’s where, within in the first week, you are sat around the dinner table with the co-founders and senior  leadership team- all interreacting with the new grads and taking time to get to know us all on a  personal level. 


I’ve just completed my eighth week on the Graduate Scheme, and I could not be more excited about  my future at DTSQUARED. The company is filled with fun, sociable and likeminded employees.  Having the right people around you, who are passionate about what they do, encourages you to  grow and develop yourself within the company and within the rapidly growing world of data. 

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