08 Nov '21

Measuring the Immeasurable: ESG Data Roundtable -18 January, 13:00-14:00 GMT

All industries and organisations now recognise the significance of both ESG and data as a strategic asset, but considering how the two can be intertwined to optimise ESG ratings is crucial to the accuracy and advancement of ESG scores. In turn, improving a company’s ability to not only better align themselves with ESG values but to profit through increased revenue generation, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced reporting capabilities, relies upon a solid Data Management framework in order to combat the recurring issues of collecting ESG data. These issues include aggregating data from multiple data sources, a lack of common terminology and a rapidly growing ESG regulatory environment.

This roundtable will examine the relationship between ESG ratings and a good Data Management framework, covering the importance of the ratings and the evolving standards applied to them, as well as recommendations and solutions for fully realising the potential of ESG with data management at its heart.

ESG Data Roundtable -18 January, 13:00-14:00 GMT

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