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17 Sep '20

Future-proofing Collibra workflows for a leading global bank

Future-proofing Collibra workflows for a leading global bank

The API migration story
Chris Hartley

Collibra have deprecated v1 of their core Java API to allow the software to move forward. Workflows developed using this API will not function in versions of Collibra beyond v5.7, leaving most organisations asking; is the investment we’ve made in our data governance stable, and are our workflows future-proofed?

We were approached by one of the leading global banks to future-proof their workflows, managing the process from end-to-end and ensuring all workflows use v2 of the core Java API. In this blog you can find out more about the project, or you can download our Future-Proofing Collibra Workflows deck for more detail on how we can help you get ready for the migration.

A group-wide data culture with a group-wide tool

Our client uses Collibra as a central tool for governing data across the group. This includes use cases such as providing a common understanding for their data concepts, terms and elements throughout the business. With a global user base, the application is configured to meet requirements from multiple locations and businesses. Our client makes extensive use of workflows to provide enterprise-wide control over the Collibra operating model.

A clear trail for Collibra in the cloud

Collibra are taking their product forward to become a strategic data intelligence cloud platform. In future versions of Collibra, workflows originally built using v1 of the core Java API won’t run. But there is a window of opportunity – while both APIs are available, workflows can be migrated in phases to overcome this technical debt, with no business impact.

It is within this window that we helped our client embark on their journey of ensuring all their workflows are future-ready, both for the next major version of Collibra, but also within the next evolutionary phase of Collibra’s usage within the bank.

Reinforcing the delivery foundations

Our client approached DTSQUARED to manage the process from end-to-end, ensuring all workflows run in Collibra using v2 of the core Java API. This was more than a technical exercise to update workflow code, it also required improvement and reinforcement of the software delivery lifecycle. Multiple Collibra environments and ongoing Collibra enhancements in the pipeline meant the code refactor had to be delicately balanced with minimal interruption to users and other developers.

The end-to-end delivery of workflow enhancements was reviewed and analysis concluded that stronger tooling needed to be put in place, clearer metrics for gauging current progress, along with better development and release processes. Once the scope of work was defined, tooling was implemented to ease the mechanics of delivery, and the release process was outlined  – the right conditions were set for the API migration.

Taking credit for technical debt

As workflows were upgraded, reviewed, tested, and verified compatible for the next major version of Collibra, our client received the additional benefit of DTSQUARED’s expertise in workflow development. Previously unknown issues with code were identified and fixed at the same time as the production of standardised workflow documentation. A framework for testing ensured not only the success of this migration, but also the success of future workflow changes.

Building on success for the future

As is often the case when addressing technical debt, people may question what the business benefit actually is when there isn’t a tangible improvement in functionality. In this case, although the business benefit isn’t seen directly at the time of migration, it will speak for itself when the next generation of Collibra is implemented. With the knowledge that stability exists across all workflows, consistent, efficient and reliable tooling for governing data across the group also remains.

The value of leveraging DTSQUARED for a Collibra workflow migration is two-fold: fixing workflows and removing technical debt is the immediate benefit, but implementing standards and a development community culture will stay long after.

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