29 Oct '21

DTSQUARED graduates share their experiences

Here at DTSQUARED we are proud to recruit and train groups of talented new graduates every year as part of our ongoing Graduate Scheme. Our June cohort have just come to the end of their programme, so we decided to ask three of them to share their experiences.

Adam Lodge

The DTSQUARED graduate training programme helped me build a strong understanding of the different pillars of data management and the rotational approach helped me to decide which area I was most interested in and would be best suited to in the future. 

Our rotations covered Project Services, Technical Services and Data Advisory, with modules on everything from consultancy and regulations to data management frameworks and data tooling. This was followed by two weeks of client role plays where we would act out different types of interactions based on the content we had previously learnt. We were given constructive feedback on ways we could improve, which really helped strengthen our consulting and communication skills.

We also each chose a specific topic to research and produce a whitepaper on, before presenting our findings back to a panel of senior staff members. In my whitepaper, titled ‘Is it possible to outperform the competition in sport without the need to outspend them?’, I explored how data can be utilised in sport to enhance player performance, improve tactics and prevent injuries. Through my research I also identified parallels between sport and business, with similar data management techniques being adopted to serve their individual goals. I enjoyed having the freedom to explore an area of personal interest and it was great to have a piece of work to show at the end of the programme.

I built up a wide range of skills over the course of the three months and had the opportunity to interact with and learn from various teams within the company. As well as the knowledge and skills gained, I really enjoyed working with a diverse range of people and experiencing the fantastic social side of the company. Now, after recently completing the Informatica Data Quality Management for Developers course, I am ready and excited to begin work on client projects. 

Craig Reid

I joined DTSQUARED in June along with six other fantastic graduates. Over the course of our three-month programme we developed an in-depth understanding of data management and financial services consulting through a blend of self-study, group lessons and hands-on workshops.

I found the programme to be a great opportunity to experience first-hand how different teams within the company operate, ranging from project management to technical services. We got to interact with a variety of people with different skillsets and backgrounds who were all extremely approachable and willing to share their expertise.

We also had the chance to gain certifications in advanced data tools including Collibra, Informatica and Snowflake, equipping us with a strong foundational knowledge to carry through with us to our client projects.

I particularly enjoyed writing a whitepaper on a topic of my own choosing. I explored the need to modernise data governance within the energy sector and since then, I’ve started my first piece of client work with an energy company focussed on achieving this aim.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed being a part of the programme and really value the insight and training it has provided me with. Beyond the learnings though, it is a great company to work for with a fun, inclusive culture, so I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of applying!

Sunanda Jugmohur 

What I liked about the DTSQUARED graduate programme was the fact that from day one, we were very much made to feel like team members rather than just ‘trainees’. Throughout the three months we were encouraged to get involved with as much as possible and our input always felt valued. The training was well structured, but we also had the freedom to work independently and figure out which areas we would be best suited to. 

I chose to focus my whitepaper on the evolution of environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings and the role of data management in enhancing business value. Afterwards I was invited to join the ESG working group and have been able to contribute to discussions on ways we can unlock opportunities for our clients, whilst also getting the chance to interact with people I wouldn’t have otherwise. As such a topical issue, my whitepaper has also contributed to the wider content for DTSQUARED’s ESG campaign, so I am really pleased that my work has been utilised beyond the graduate programme and will be beneficial for external marketing purposes as well. I will also soon be giving an internal talk on this topic, which feels like a big accomplishment and demonstrates that it is possible to make an impact at DTSQUARED from the start, something which isn’t always possible in other graduate programmes. 

As well as the training, I have also really enjoyed the social side of the company. We have weekly company-wide calls to share news and give shout-outs to people who have worked particularly hard, as well as quarterly in-person events. I also got to take part in one of the company’s charitable initiatives, Splash Day earlier this year, where everyone helped in building a wildlife area for a primary school, which was great for team building as well as supporting the local community. 

Despite only lasting three months, I felt that the DTSQUARED graduate programme prepared me extremely well for working on client projects. All the senior members of staff provided excellent guidance and support on both a professional and personal level, which helped me feel comfortable and confident in taking the next step within the company. Now I have started working on a service catalogue for one of our clients and I am really looking forward to helping achieve their goals.

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