25 Jan '21

DTSQUARED advance to Snowflake Select Services Partner Status

DTSQUARED are delighted to announce that we have been recognised as Select partners in the Snowflake Services Partner programme.

In 2019, when we first encountered Snowflake, we were stunned by the high performance and the low cost of their data platform by comparison with legacy on-premises platforms and other cloud data platforms. Given that Snowflake was built specifically for the public cloud it also includes unique additional functionality that extends the art of the possible.  For example, native support for semi-structured data (reducing the need for complex platforms like Hadoop); zero copy clone (enabling DataOps) and seamless data sharing (for internal or external parties, with exciting opportunities to monetize data with the Data Marketplace).

It was clear to DTSQUARED that Snowflake was the future and from that point we invested heavily in building a team of highly skilled engineers to allow us to deliver the platform to our clients.  Over the past year, our team has grown rapidly and includes engineers that have achieved both the SnowPro Advanced and SnowPro Core certifications.  We continue to both train and recruit more engineers in Snowflake and also related ELT, BI and AI/ML technologies in order to offer our clients an established and qualified data cloud capability.

DTSQUARED was founded six years ago and has grown into the leading dedicated data consultancy in the UK.  Initially focussing on Data Governance, we have since expanded our portfolio to include Data Quality, Data Architecture and Master Data Management as well as extensive project and programme management capabilities.  We work across the UK, US and Europe and have helped solve data challenges for numerous large global organisations across sectors including Financial Services, Real Estate, Utilities and the Public Sector.

Our corporate mission is to become the data partner of choice for all of our clients, helping them to create tangible business benefits by harnessing the Power of Data.  We stand in a unique place amongst our peers to ensure this mission is achieved given our data expertise and end-to-end data management capabilities.  We would be happy to offer a complementary tailored introduction on how your organisation can leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud; please click here to get in touch.

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