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Data Privacy and Protection (GDPR)

Data Privacy and protection has always been on the agenda of any organisation with a mature data strategy – but the impact of GDPR has upped this in the priority list.  GDPR is a far-reaching regulation that extends the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 and which impacts most organisations, and in doing so raises many questions covering data portability, data breach notifications, data inventory, data protection by design and default, the data owners right to be forgotten, your PIAs, and Security measures; and for all of this you will need to understand Accountability & Governance, and the potential sanctions.

You may have questions as to whether it affects you and how, so the expanded territorial scope is of interest as is the structure of your business and how and why you process data.

We have implemented GDPR solutions in a number of Tier 1 banks and are assisting others with similar goals.  Let us help you do the same.