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Data Governance

Data governance is the overall management of the ownership, definition and contextualisation of an organisation’s data.  Getting Data Governance right can be a daunting task, but one we are highly experienced at and will provide guidance with at every step of the way.  Tackling all data types at once is a mistake made all too often and can lead to a lack of perceived value by users; progress is slow and projects drag.  Instead we advise, once a unified data strategy is in place, to select a core set of use cases to govern first; demonstrate success, and then repeat the process.  We see time and time again this approach yields stronger buy in from the business.  Invariably it is not enough to mandate process, it is necessary to demonstrate value to foster adoption and make data governance a success.

How can we help?

Embedding Data Governance into your organisation

Problem: Many companies embark upon DG programmes but do not achieve a state of BAU, whereby DG is embedded into the organisation

Solution: Engage us as we have extensive experience of helping clients do this, we will deliver you a stable platform upon which to drive adoption.

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Integrate your Data Governance Solution

Problem: Much of your data is mastered in systems where it belongs and should be exposed via a DG tool in order to be reused in other systems such as Modelling or BI

Solution: Integrate these systems sensibly via the DG solution through our services and benefit from the industry experience that we have gained, avoiding re-work, and longer development time.

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Integrating Data Quality with Data Governance

Problem: One of the key reasons for Data Governance is to have sight of the quality of the data and to monitor activities addressing the quality issues raised within an organisation; integration linked to governed content for use in DQ is therefore paramount but not straight forward.

Solution: We are experienced at setting DQ and DG integration up such that it is able to look back over time at the appropriate segments of data which will enable effective BI reporting.

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Implementing your Data Governance Solution

Problem: The implementation of data management software requires deep knowledge and understanding of best practice approaches. It can be a minefield and there’s a shortage of experienced technologists who know how to avoid all the common pitfalls. Then there’s software upgrades and support to consider…

Solution: We will take all of that off your hands. We have a team of data experts who can implement and support your chosen platform, offering everything from integration solutions and training to patches and upgrades.

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Operationalising Data Governance

Problem: Getting DG setup is the first hurdle, but then you need to be able to make changes, introduce new content and remove old deprecated content, but in a manner that doesn’t confuse the broad user base or add unnecessary bureaucracy

Solution: Engage us to set this up to fit your organisations operationalisation of DG. There are easy and hard ways of doing this with Pros and Cons that we understand the later implications of.

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Governing your Data Lake

Problem: Data Lakes need governing too but the best way to approach it is not always clear

Solution: Integrate the lake with the Data Governance solution which will have structured governance, but leave the interfaced applications and user layers with a light governance.

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