Organisations understand that they need to unlock the value in their data, but they can’t do it alone. They need the tools to achieve both strong data governance and data management. At DTSQUARED we can recommend and help you implement cutting-edge technologies to achieve this.  

DTSQUARED is proud to partner with Collibra, a data intelligence company. Collibra helps businesses transform how they discover, govern, trust and understand the data that matters in their organisation to accelerate trusted business outcomes. 

Global enterprises choose Collibra’s intuitive cloud-based platform to unlock the value of their data and turn it into a strategic, competitive asset. 

Key Solutions

Collibra Data Intelligence

Collibra’s data intelligence cloud aligns every person, team, and system throughout your company with the right data, insights and algorithms to increase efficiency and drive innovation. Encompassing data cataloguing, lineage, quality, privacy and governance in one seamless cloud platform. 

Collibra Trusted Business Reporting

At DTSQUARED we know that it can be difficult to find the information that you need, or trust that it is accurate.  Collibra will allow you to centralize, govern and certify key reports and metrics to drive smarter decisions.

Collibra Digital Transformation

Collibra’s intuitive cloud-based platform enables you to drive digital growth and customer engagement by opening up trusted organisational data and giving access to the people and processes that need it most so they can collaborate with it and maximize its value.

Collibra Cloud-Ready Data

Collibra will help you to modernise your operations with a solution that is scalable, accessible, and resilient.  

Collibra Team and Certifications

At DTSQUARED we recognise that Collibra is transforming data intelligence and have built a team of highly experienced engineers to help our clients take full advantage of this. Our engineers have years of experience and are Collibra certified experts, with the knowledge to resolve issues and the skills to support your company. 

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To speak to us about engaging the DTSQUARED team, to discuss Collibra pricing or arrange a Collibra demo, please reach out to the expert listed below:

John Taylor

If you are an engineer with an interest in joining the team, please use our ‘Get in Touch’ page to make contact.

John Taylor

If you are an engineer with an interest in joining the team, please use our ‘Get in Touch’ page to make contact.